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Debt Settlement 

Throughout the entire Credit Restoration process there are opportunities for our client's to settle old debts.  Texas Best Credit Repair believes that settling old debts is the ethical and honest thing to do.  The best case scenario is for the consumer to arrange for a partial payment settlement & in return the collection company delete the account entirely off of their report.  How is this accomplished?  Strong and firm negotiation by the consumer can lead to collection agencies agreeing to a "pay for deletion from consumer's credit report". We inform clients on the ethical & legal best practice methods of strong debt settlement.  Often times our client's are able, 100% by their own accord, to settle debts at a reduced percentage of what was originally owed.  We instruct each of our clients in the many ways that they can take hold of their finances again without the need for high priced Debt Settlement Companies.  We believe in empowering our clients to take responsible personal action now and well into their financial futures.  Contact our offices with further questions on your old debts and how they negatively impact your credit scores.