• "Honest Fast Credit Repair With 1on1 Expert Credit Help Is The Difference"
    Sam Naquin | President | Austin Office

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  • "We Deliver Fast Credit Repair Results With Fair Credit Reporting Act, Factual Disputing Methods,& Metro 2 Compliant Credit Dispute Letters"
    ​Jeffrey M. | Dispute Team | Dallas Office

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  • "Your Best Credit Is Yet To Come!"
     Burnie S. | Sr. Credit Analyst | Dallas Office

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  • "Affordable Credit Repair Is Done Right With, Ethical Month To Month Cancel Any Time Pricing, Providing The Best Credit Repair To All That Need Credit Help In Houston,Texas"
    ​ Sam Naquin | President | Houston Office 

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  • "We Provide A Free Credit Consultation That Relieves Stress and Worry Related To Credit While Providing Immediate Credit Answers!"
    ​ Janie T. | FiCO Certified Expert |
    Credit Coach Team

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  • "Beginning in 2012 We Invested In Support Staff & Facilities To Deliver The Best Credit Repair By Opening Additional Offices Starting With The San Antonio Local Credit Repair Office On San Pedro Ave"
    Sam Naquin | President | San Antonio Office

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  • "Open The Doors To The Best San Antonio Credit Repair Company Today!"
     Sam Naquin | President | San Antonio Office

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Refund Policy

Refund Policy Services are provided on a month to month basis and clients may cancel their service at any time and for any reason. At the time of cancellation, the client is eligible for a refund of their monthly charges collected within the last 30 days. We strive to make certain every client is 100% Satisfied with the credit repair services we deliver on a month to month basis. Please contact our Company President - Sam directly with any additional requests, questions, or concerns at 512-308-6003. Thank you.