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This is one of the toughest decisions we had to make 12 years ago. Two important questions must be understood by us & consumers to fully appreciate our process. The 1st question we had to answer was: "How do we deliver both the most affordable & the most aggressive credit repair service to all consumers with different budgets & timeframes?"The 2nd question consumers need to answer is: "What makes 1 Credit Repair Company's Solution more aggressive than another?" The answer to our 1st question is that a "one-size fits all" strategy is NOT gonna work when our goal is to deliver super aggressive customized solutions that also deliver personal 1on1 help. The answer to the 2nd question involves the higher 3rd party expenses we pay for to deliver an ultra-aggressive dispute letter process. To be clear, USPS Certified Dispute Letters w/ Tracking numbers enable a much more aggressive process to occur. Further, adding Legally Notarized + USPS Certified makes it a Legal Document! The costs we incur to provide these 3rd party delivered features are what makes each Credit Plan increasingly more aggressive with each service upgrade. We experience a 10x cost increase & 10x labor time increase to manage this paperwork challenge. Ultimately, we provide more choices that beat the competition on price & aggressiveness. In fact, we guarantee to beat any competitors price & service or your setup fee is FREE.

Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is typically the best plan to start because of affordability while also being more aggressive than the competition. We 1st Class USPS Mail Dispute Letters on this plan. A ZOOM Order Confirmation Account Setup is provided within 24 to 48 hours of start-up. This is 1on1 video coaching from our Team to help you clearly understand how we will help repair your credit. Best of all, we record it, so that you have a "proof of work" video game-plan that is unmatched in the industry.

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E Coach Plan

Like all Credit Plans, all 3 Bureaus are targeted with hand-written Dispute Letters. This plan is a little more aggressive because clients get the option to send 1 Dispute Letter Certified to the Bureau or Creditor of their choice. All other Bureaus & Creditor Disputes are mailed USPS 1st Class Mail. Also, the personal 1on1 Video Coaching is now offered monthly on-demand with a ZOOM Meeting that can last up to 20 minutes to solve the most common client credit challenges or goals. 

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Credit Coach Plan

The Credit Coach Plan represents the most aggressive single jump in services because all Dispute Letters are upgraded to Certified USPS w/ Text Tracking. Also, Advanced ZOOM Meetings are provided that can last up 1 hour. Advanced ZOOM Monthly Meetings are designed to serve the most urgent client credit challenges & the most difficult credit goals such as: mortgage loan approval. The amount of 1on1 attention & service typically blows most clients away when they compare past experiences of using other credit repair services. it is common to hear things such as: "I didn't realize that I needed a Credit Expert Coach to truly succeed."

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Credit Expert Plan

We believe The Credit Expert Plan is the most aggressive solution available in the industry. On top of Certified Dispute Letters, consumers get the ultra-aggressive option of Legally Notarized Dispute Letters. These Dispute Letters that are now Legal Documents are more likely to be escalated to Supervisor Level Investigators at the 3 Credit Bureaus & Creditors which causes client's cases to be inspected more thoroughly leading to more higher deletion rates & much faster turnaround. 

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