How do I start your credit repair program?

Please click on the following link Easy Online Enrollment. The link will forward you to a page on this website to enroll within 5 minutes. A Credit Expert will call you after you purchase a credit plan. Your information is secure and protected by 256bit SSL Bank Level Encryption Technology.  

How Do I Get A 3 Bureau Credit Report?

It's easy to get a Credit Report. Our Team will help you obtain an online Credit Report during your Free Credit Consultation. It is one of the best features of doing the Free Credit Consultation. Remember to ask your Credit Analyst to email you a PDF Copy!

Is Credit Repair Legal?

Yes! We are Legally Licensed and Bonded to perform credit repair work by The State of Texas. Also, because of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Billing Act, Truth in Lending Act, and other applicable Federal statues, it’s your legal right to dispute items on your credit report. Never deal with any credit doctor agencies that recommend you obtain a new social security number, attempt to create a consumer credit profile under an EIN, or create fake credit profiles by intentionally reporting false data. This is considered highly illegal and if caught, can result in significant personal liability. We perform ONLY 100% legal credit repair services. 

When do I see results?

Typically, you'll begin to have results from the individual creditors and collection companies within 35-45 days. Your results come directly to you, so you know exactly how your credit repair is progressing, even before we do! Be sure to ask every credit repair company you're considering to give you an expected time-line, based ontheir current performance, and hold them to it! 

How much of an increase can I expect in my credit scores?

Texas Best Credit Repair, LLC simply promises the truth. If a 700 credit score is possible for you, we'll let you know, and we'll do our absolute best to tell you roughly how long you can expect it to take.  If it's more realistic to expect a 640 credit score, we're not afraid to tell you that either. Most credit repair companies say whatever they have to, just to get the sale. Our only objective is helping you fix your credit, by working to right the wrongs on your credit reports! What we can do is give you a fair estimate of how long it's likely to take for you to see improvements in your credit score.  We'll also tell you what you can do to raise your credit scores without even enrolling in our program, and that is part of the Free Credit Consultation offered.

How does your credit repair system work?

Texas Best Credit Repair, LLC utilizes a multiple phase audit process to have the inaccurate items removed from your credit reports. There are Federal and State laws in place to protect the consumer from inaccurate and unverifiable credit reporting. We assist you in enforcing these laws by implementing our strategy.  For instance, with just 10 accounts on yourcredit report falsely reporting to the 3 credit bureaus, we would carefully craft over 30 unique dispute letters!  That's just in the 1st round alone! Most of our clients get the most benefit after 3 to 4 dispute cycles. Please understand that the success of our commitment to you is the factthat we are consistent, skilled, and knowledgeable about exactly how to approach the difficult dispute process utilizing any combination of the techniques below:    

1.  Thorough research and investigation of credit andcollection agencies information, inquires, public records, and source of information.

2.  Carefully audit the Credit bureaus; Equifax, Experian,and TransUnion

3.  Re-investigate the credit bureaus and ask for method oftheir investigation.

4. Validation of Debt Audits, demanding creditors/collection companies produce original documentation.

5.  Revised Validation of Debt to the collection agencies asneeded.

6.  Offer of Performance Audits to the collection agencies.

7.  Omission by Silence packets back to Bureaus supplying all audits to the collection agencies/ creditors and failure to comply.

8.  Estoppel letters and FTC complaints to those who do not comply with audits.

9.  We utilize Delivery Confirmation mail when auditing the creditors and collection agencies to create a paper trail of documented proof.

We don’t just write letters or dispute online with the credit bureaus. We do validations of debt and audit the creditors directly. We professionally audit the creditorsand collection agencies using over 400 customized letters.  We don’t use form letters like most credit repair companies.  

Is it important to enroll my Spouse/Partner?

Texas Best Credit Repair, LLC offers special pricing for spouses because we understand how important healthy credit is for couple's future financial goals. When purchasing a home it becomes vital for both spouses to have a healthy credit profile.  Often times, such as, with Government Home Loans like 1st Time Home Buyer Programs, it is a mandatory requirement for both spouses credit to be factored into the application process.  Essentially, applying for credit together allows for couples to factor both of their incomes into their application thus increasing their maximum approval loan amount.  Make the wise decision to maximize both of your credit profiles before it's too late because having the best credit helps alot with home purchase loans.  

 Can I just do Credit Repair for myself? 

You can do it yourself, or you can put your trust in a professional credit restoration company.  Helping consumers with credit troubles is our #1 goal, so we are happy to recommend many do it yourself credit programs available on the internet.  Please keep in mind that you can build your own house or represent yourself in court just as you could take on the arduous task of repairing your own credit.  The education on understanding how to repair your own credit could take you months or years depending on your time availability.  It is a "Time vs Reward" Scenario.  Simply put, repairing your own credit will take significant time away from the most important tasks in your life such as work and family.  Don't forget all the while you are paying high interest rates & the highest premiums on any financial product or service that bases their rates on your credit scores.  We encourage you to spend more of your valuable time doing what you do best such as your career or the normal challenges life presents on a daily basis.  Rest assured, with Texas Best Credit Repair, LLC you are hiring a highly skilled and trained team of experts that will handle all your inaccurate & derogatory credit accounts in a timely manner, carefully coach you monthly on the techniques of improving your credit, provide you access to our 24 hour Credit Repair Results Portal, and get the job done right the first time.  Our processing team has been repairing credit for consumers just like you for years, and our expertise in the credit restoration industry is unmatched.  Our experience with dealing with collection companies makes a tremendous difference!  Because we have worked with so many clients over the years, we have usually already worked toremove and delete inaccurate or illegally filed derogatory information with the very same collection companies that are unjustly negatively impacting your credit scores!