Credit Coach Tracker

Credit Coach Tracker

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Credit Coach Tracker is our Brand-Name used to refer to our online client portal. It is accessible by clicking the Login button located within the top menu of this website. The #1 Feature of The Credit Coach Tracker Portal is that it is a centralized place to connect with a "Live" Agent to get personalized 1on1 Credit Help. Active clients get 24/7/365 access to the contents of our Credit Repair Program such as: Video Library, Video Coaching, 1on1 Self-Schedule Links, Deletion Tracking, Credit Reports, Credit Scores, User Guide, & all of their documents including E-signed Digital Contracts. We use our portal as an extension of the human experience to connect and self-schedule 1on1 Credit Coaching with our clients while our competitors only offer what we consider to be "dumb portals" which is typically a bunch of information you can easily find by a quick Google search. Expect to be able to Login to your Credit Coach Tracker Portal & set up a quick-time to get help from a real human being with just 1 button click!

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