Credit Repair Reviews

Testimonial Letters

“We were very skeptical to use any credit repair company period. After speaking with our Mortgage Lender we agreed to speak with Sam from Texas Best Credit Repair. You see... we have 2 small children and work very busy schedules and really didn't have any extra time to meet during normal business hours. To our surprise Sam actually drove about 45 minutes to our home at 8pm(after the kids were put to bed) & helped explain to us how Texas Best Credit Repair would help us. He didn't promise any outrageous results, but promised he would work hard and prove to us month by month via their online portal the work that they would be completing. To our surprise our first round of results was very eye opening! We just moved into our home & now our children have a yard to safely play in.” - Chris B.

"We initially spoke to Texas Best Credit Repair because they offer Free Credit Repair Letters via their BLOG. They said we were welcome to attempt to repair our credit on our own. Once we figured out that doing it ourselves every 45 days we would have to spend all this time to send 3 Letters per account for a total of over 60 letters (just 20 accounts to dispute), we really started to see where a professional credit repair company really helps us save money and time. We chose to select Texas Best Credit Repair because they didn't charge high fees & were honest. We saw our first round of results 37 days after we began! We're not done yet, but we sure are happy that progress is being made month by month to repair our credit. Hard earned money well spent in our opinion. We hope this letter of recommendation helps other family's like us decide better."  - Tammy R. 

 “To whom this may concern....  We spoke to other credit repair companies & chose Texas Best Credit Repair because they have previous experience with finance & Real Estate.  On top of that they exposed other credit repair company's marketing tactics.  They explained to us why they provide the same exact credit program to all their client's and don't use confusing marketing tactics like Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packages that we felt were confusing & really designed to prey on consumers.  I mean why would a company offer different packages & in the same breath say that they do a great job for every client?  This isn't a tanning's me and my wife's life!  Choose Texas Best Credit Repair because at least they backup their work.”Thomas A. 

Credit Repair Case Studies

Home Mortgage Credit Repair

“Hello, I recently went through a divorce”.

This is how we were introduced to Mary back in June 2006. Since her divorce, she had been rewarded several raises at her employer and was financially stable.

Recently divorced, she had begun to date and later in the Spring they were searching for a new home. Each was under the assumption they had better than average credit.

Once the loan application process had begun, she was surprised to learn that derogatory items were being reported to her credit report. There were several charge-off accounts and even a bankruptcy appearing on her report. These accounts were directly related to her ex-husband; however, she was faced with a credit refusal attributed to the damage this had caused to the credit score.

She immediately contacted us for help on restoring her credit.

Within 3 months, all derogatory items impacting her from the first marriage had been deleted from her record. Each item deleted, raised her credit score incrementally.

At the conclusion of the credit restoration process, Mary improved her credit score by 119 points and was approved for her home loan. Both Mary and her new husband are living happily and are expecting their first child!

Home Refinance Credit Repair

Alexis became a client in May 2007 attributed to difficulties she had obtaining approval for a refinance of her home. Alexis and her husband were bombarded with two mortgages and the 9% interest rates they were paying were making it difficult to manage their budget effectively. Refinancing seemed the best course of action, with 40-year lows on interest rates. Alexis knew the amount she could save by consolidation with a refinance which would provide a single, lower interest rate. Alexis was prompted to call Texas Best Credit Repair when she was informed by her loan officer her FICO score needed to be improved.The damage was obvious when we first looked at her credit report. She had a tax lien, in addition to six other derogatory items, including a bankruptcy. Wendy was surprised when we revealed that she had a tax lien and a bankruptcy on her credit report when she had never filed bankruptcy nor had she ever had a tax lien.Although it is common that credit reports contain erroneous information, Alexis’s case was definitely one of the more extreme cases. Within 6 months they were able to remove this inaccurate and erroneous information for good based on thoroughly disputing all erroneous information. The bankruptcy was also removed!With the refinance rates at an all time low; Alexis was able to secure a 5.75% fixed interest rate and consolidate all of her debts; combining her first and second mortgage.With this newly improved credit rating, Alexis’s payments reduced by $137 monthly which translated into $50,000 in savings over her 30-year mortgage term.

Auto Loan Credit Repair

We met William back in January 2007 based on refusal for an auto loan.

William had negotiated with the dealership to reduce the price of a vehicle with an MSRP of $21,085.00; he was anxious to purchase his vehicle and could already feel himself speeding off the lot with his “hot new ride”.

Within an instant; he was pulled back to the halting red light we call reality; a bad credit auto loan.

“I’m sorry to report; we are unable to approve your application without a co-signer”.

William was frustrated and confused, but remained adamant on purchasing his dream vehicle. William turned to us for help. After a thorough analysis of his credit was complete; 5 areas of his report were identified as areas that could be improved.

There was erroneous information, such as, unrecognized late payments on credit cards, and an unknown collection dated back to 1999 which had lowered his score to 578.

We proactively disputed this erroneous information and our client was able to see deletions as early as 63 days after his string of bad luck at the dealership. William was now empowered; his score had increased and he now had more purchasing power.

As the seasons were changing; the breeze of the cool wind was calling, he walked into the dealership and immediately was approved for financing with his 667 credit score! He was ecstatic and drove off in his sporty new ride. This is the way a car loan should be!

Credit Card Credit Repair

Ben came to us in October 2006 with substantial credit problems.

Credit card debt was consuming Ben; a reduction in wages, a child in college, and just “life in general” had skyrocketed his credit card balances to over $35,000 distributed over four creditors.

Concerned over the amount of balances on his credit cards; he still felt confident in the interest rates he was receiving. The rates were somewhat reasonable; examples included a 0% introductory APR for 9 months. Was this the perfect situation; No, at the time it was the best solution for Ben.

Then the inevitable happened; the mail arrived. Ben opened his bills and GASPED!!!!

The introductory APR or teaser rate had increased to 19% and greater. Ben immediately used his math skills to reveal that he was spending in the excess of $6,650 annually in interest alone on his credit cards.

He was irate, very understandably, that the interest rates had skyrocketed this substantially.

After thorough analysis, Ben discovered that a few months back, there were 3 inaccurate late payments reported on his credit reports. Once the credit companies pulled Ben’s credit his damaged credit score triggered one of those “fine print” clauses. The creditors immediately increased his APR to the maximum allowed; 29%!

Ben contacted us and let us get on the case. In just 60 days, the inaccurate late payments were removed from his credit report. In addition, we were able to delete other erroneous information on older accounts. Ben’s credit score increased by 51 points.

With this new found information, Ben contacted his creditors and demanded a rate reduction. The creditors were forced to reduce his rates as his credit spoke for themselves, how could they deny such a clean credit history. He was rewarded with a well-deserved rate reduction.

Within the first year, Ben saved $4,375 in interest payments alone!


Although these testimonials, results, timeframes, & case studies are genuine examples of our client's success, they do not represent every client. Client results are unique to each situation. Results are based on a client’s ability to strictly follow our credit repair program, they must pay their bills on time, they must not get new derogatory credit items reporting while in our credit repair program, they must activate new positive revolving & installment credit lines, & manage these new account with no late payments. Per Texas State Law Texas Best Credit Repair, LLC is not able to promise scores, deletions, or loan approval. BEWARE OF CREDIT REPAIR FIRMS MAKING PROMISES ON SCORES & TIMELINES. THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW WITH FAULTY PROMISES ONLY TO GET YOU TO SIGN WITH THEM.