We Are Different

We Are Different

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Since 2012, we have delivered the most ethical, aggressive, & legally compliant credit repair program in Texas. We believe that the basic credit repair industry standards are deficient to help consumers fix their credit in a timely manner. We solve this industry problem by providing consumers a uniquely hands-on & personalized credit repair service. Our program is designed by our President Sam, whom holds an active Registered Mortgage Loan Officer License. In other words, we didn't just read a book on "How to start a Credit Repair Company?". Every client can be coached by Sam because everyone deserves expert level help!

Step 1 | The Basics....Plus More!

We produce F.C.R.A. Compliant Legal Credit Dispute Letters helping consumers challenge & delete unfair, unverifiable, & obsolete credit report data. We deliver this using Certified USPS Dispute Letter Mail including sms "text to client" tracking updates! We show proof of work on video to our clients including the Dispute Letters, so our clients see it all with full video transparency! Gone is the fake phony "Wizard of OZ" behind the scenes mysterious dispute letter approach other companies hide!

Step 2 | 1on1 Help.... Video Coaching!

This is the difference because this is NEVER provided by standard Credit Repair. Immediately beginning day 1 of our service, we provide on-going & real-time Expert Video Credit Coaching Service. This on-demand video service immediately empowers consumers with the knowledge to make expert credit decisions that increase their FiCO Credit Scores without waiting on deletions alone! To make it easy, clients are provided a secure video detailing and explaining each new step of the process!

LEGAL NOTICE: Texas Best Credit Repair, LLC is a Licensed & Bonded Credit Services Organization pursuant to Title 5, Texas Finance Code, Sec.393.001 et seq.

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