Guarantee Policies

Guarantee Policies

We shop our competition to make sure we offer Guarantee Policies that simply cannot be beat! We offer 3 of the best Guarantee Policies in the entire Credit Repair Industry. In fact, each Guarantee Policy alone outperforms most competitors. When combined, all 3 Guarantee Policies are unmatched, unbeatable, and simply unheard of in the Credit Repair Industry. Everything is bigger & better with Texas Best Credit Repair. 

30 Day Guarantee

This Guarantee Policy is designed to protect consumers by providing a clearly understood & risk-free proposal to reduce the friction of subscribing online. Simply put, if a consumer clicks the Buy Now Button to subscribe to any Credit Plan online & doesn't 100% LOVE what we have done for them in the 1st 30 days then we will send back 100% of their money with ZERO-Hassle. Find out why we are Texas Best Credit Repair!

100 Point Guarantee

We are the 1st & only Credit Repair Company in the industry to put their money where their mouth is! While other National or Local Credit Repair Companies only promise "miracle deletions", we deliver score boosting results 100% of the time with or without deletions! For 12 years, no other Credit Repair Company has dared to offer a comparable Guarantee Policy & for good reason! Our competitors do NOT offer 1on1 Credit Expert Coaching that is absolutely required to deliver score improvement results every time! Texas Best Credit Repair is different.

6 Month Guarantee 

This Guarantee Policy describes the heart of Texas Best Credit Repair. This is a discretionary policy that can be put into effect at any point in time to come to the rescue of our client's unique situation. Simply put, if a client is not getting the expected credit improvement results promised within their normal credit plan timeframe, or they experience a personal emergency then we can grant up to 6 additional months of service completely free. For example: Job loss, illness, or unforeseen financial circumstance are all examples of situations that we consider on a case-by-case basis to help our valued clients remain in the credit fight of their life! As stated earlier, the policy can also be used for clients that do not experience the results we all were expecting. For example, if the client was with us (with no new derogatory credit reported) for 6 months with little to no deletions or score improvements then we can decide to stop their monthly billing while continuing to work on their credit repair file for up to 6 months at zero cost to them! The bottom line is that we want 100% of clients to be successful & will go the extra mile to provide help!

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