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  • "We Deliver Fast Credit Repair Results With Fair Credit Reporting Act, Factual Disputing Methods,& Metro 2 Compliant Credit Dispute Letters"
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  • "We Provide A Free Credit Consultation That Relieves Stress and Worry Related To Credit While Providing Immediate Credit Answers!"
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  • "Beginning in 2012 We Invested In Support Staff & Facilities To Deliver The Best Credit Repair By Opening Additional Offices Starting With The San Antonio Local Credit Repair Office On San Pedro Ave"
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"Certified Credit Experts + 30 Years Combined Mortgage & Real Estate Experience Helps More Family's Get Approved For A Home Loan with Bad Credit!"

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Expert Credit Coaching

"Trusting in Credit Experts specifically trained in understanding First Time Home Buyer Credit Criteria increases the success rate for consumers that have recently been declined for a home mortgage!"

Homebuyer Credit Repair

A 100 Point Increase Is Possible In 30 - 60 Days

FiCO Mortgage Scoring Models 

TransUnion = Classic 04 

Equifax = Beacon 5.0 

Experian = Fair Issac v2

Mortgage Credit Repair

"We are dedicated to helping clients re-establish a healthy credit profile by providing top quality education, resource tools, and a results driven aggressive credit restoration program personalized to their needs." 

We Are Different

History | Industry Standards | Our Process

Since 2012, we have delivered the most ethical, aggressive, & legally compliant credit repair program in Texas. We believe that the basic credit repair industry standards are deficient to help consumers fix their credit in a timely manner. We solve this industry problem by providing consumers a uniquely hands-on & personalized credit repair service. Our program is designed by our President Sam, whom holds an active Registered Mortgage Loan Officer License. In other words, we didn't just read a book on "How to start a Credit Repair Company?". Every client can be coached by Sam because everyone deserves expert level help!

Step 1 | The Basics....Plus More!

We produce F.C.R.A. Compliant Legal Credit Dispute Letters helping consumers challenge & delete unfair, unverifiable, & obsolete credit report data. We deliver this using Certified USPS Dispute Letter Mail including sms "text to client" tracking updates! We show proof of work on video to our clients including the Dispute Letters, so our clients see it all with full video transparency! Gone is the fake phony "Wizard of OZ" behind the scenes mysterious dispute letter approach other companies hide!

Step 2 | 1 on 1 Help.... Video Coaching!

This is the difference because this is NEVER provided by standard Credit Repair. Immediately beginning day 1 of our service, we provide on-going & real-time Expert Video Credit Coaching Service. This on-demand video service immediately empowers consumers with the knowledge to make expert credit decisions that increase their FiCO Credit Scores without waiting on deletions alone! To make it easy, clients are provided a secure video detailing and explaining each new step of the process!

LEGAL NOTICE: Texas Best Credit Repair, LLC is a Licensed & Bonded Credit Services Organization pursuant to Title 5, Texas Finance Code, Sec.393.001 et seq.

Credit Coaching Explained

Referral Partner

Homebuyer Program

Our Two-Party Independent Credit Analysis Approach is a core difference versus the competition. Texas Best Credit Repair’s Real Estate Industry knowledge-based credit analysis builds trust & faith in our clients, and delivers a higher percentage of closed loans for our valued Real Estate Partners.

Become An Affiliate

Texas Best Credit Repair works exclusively with 100% Referral Based Real Estate Clients via Licensed Professionals in the fields of Mortgage, Real Estate, & Home Builders. Our services are based on a team approach by working closely with partners to provide a 2 step credit analysis verification process. 1st, we educate our referral partners & staff on identifying key consumer credit criteria & specific consumer credit profile compensating factors; only then referring us consumers that will best be able to achieve program success. After partnership referral, our Credit Analyst once again carefully analyzes the consumer's 3 bureau credit report to confirm reasonable expectations, costs, & timeframe to completion. Upon approval, Affiliate Partner benefits include a "white-label" branded portal, video staff training, & exclusive "off-list" competitive advantage custom pricing. 

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The Credit Bureaus

Deleting Unfair Items

Originally Aired 2/10/2013

More About Us & Dispute Details

We are the only Licensed and Bonded Credit Repair Company in Texas that dedicates our services specifically to the Real Estate Industry. Our real estate credit repair services are second to none. They include a comprehensive approach to repairing and restoring credit, so that our clients can become approved for a home loan. The process we use is fast and efficient, with score boosting results in only 30 - 45 days!

Dispute Letter Process

Fair Credit Reporting Act

Metro 2 Compliance

Each client is unique, which is why we create an individualized credit repair mortgage approval road map for each client. 

Each road map includes a different level of mortgage credit repair, custom credit restoration and expert credit coaching. 

We want our clients to truly understand what their credit report means and what they can do immediately to increase credit scores to buy a home.

Our real estate credit repair company provides custom tailored industry specific credit dispute letter process. 

  • Multiple phase credit audit process
  • Direct contact with creditors and collection companies
  • Removal or change of erroneous credit information 
  • Over 400 customizable credit dispute letters
  • Credit improvement technology 
  • Online portal for tracking progress 

The Credit Bureaus

Credit Repair Expectations

With as many as 80% of credit reports containing errors, according to the FTC, it’s common for our clients to have unfair negative items deleted.

Our home buying credit repair program is able to increase our clients’ credit scores and restore their buying power faster than doing it alone.

Our credit repair specialists in Texas have the skills, technology, and expertise in both real estate and credit repair. 

Clients are advised to responsibly manage their credit and make smart financial decisions to maintain their newly restored credit.

We offer credit restoration education, advising our clients in paying down their balances appropriately and building up a strong payment history.

Mortgage Approval 

Homebuyer Credit Repair Specialist

Most enrolled clients significantly increase their credit worthiness to qualify to become approved for a home loan within 6 months or less. 

We have extensive partnerships with most major real estate and mortgage companies in Texas to help our clients. 

We are also a trusted source for our referral partners that count on us to assist their clients in securing a home loan with bad credit.

Texas Best Credit Repair helps more families become homeowners because we specialize in the mortgage credit repair home buying process. 

Count on our real estate credit repair company for specialized service increasing your ability to become approved for a mortgage loan fast.