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  • "We Deliver Fast Credit Repair Results With Fair Credit Reporting Act, Factual Disputing Methods,& Metro 2 Compliant Credit Dispute Letters"
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Best Credit Repair Companies

As one of the best credit repair companies in Texas, Texas Best Credit Repair has a tall order to fill. Thankfully, we do it well. We are the ONLY licensed, bonded and real estate focused credit repair company in the state, and our staff is comprised of former mortgage loan officers and real estate pros. When you combine our 30+ years of real estate experience and 10+ years of credit repair experience, our team is able to offer an unsurpassed level of service that covers all bases.

Who We Are

Our Texas credit repair company works with many types of people, but our main clients are those who want to secure a home loan with bad credit. Generally speaking, bad credit and home loan approvals don’t go hand in hand, but when you hire Texas Best Credit Repair, you’ll see that we help many families overcome this hurdle. Our success lies in our advanced credit repair technology, broad industry experience, strong partnerships with real estate and mortgage companies and dedicated customer support.

What to Expect

Here’s what you can expect from our Texas credit restoration company.

● Unlimited investigation process into your credit report
●  Credit specialists who have direct contact with creditors
●  Access to over 400 custom letters
●  Removal or update of erroneous information on your credit report
●  Fast, efficient results
● Partnerships with most major name brand real estate and mortgage    companies
●  Online portal for tracking progress

As one of the best credit repair companies in Texas, would you expect anything less?

You Have Options

What we want people to know is that even with bad credit, they still have options. Our Texas credit repair company continues to improve the lives of our clients by increasing their credit score, offering constructive credit counseling and helping them to get approved for a home loan. We even have options for those who can’t afford our program through our Hardship Program.

Schedule your free consultation today and see why Texas Best Credit Repair is one of the best credit repair companies in Texas!